What it’s all about

Hello World! As the infamous baby step into any new online foray invariably goes.

This site is about my world and my work, intended to provide tidbits of information on PHP, Javascript, BASH and any other technical topic I feel like ranting about. Trying to find a topic that hasn’t already been blogged to death isn’t really the point – this is about my experiences, my understanding, and trying to teach others new tricks to use in their everyday technical lives.

The blogs entries on this site are all my own, and I make only the claim that “they seem good enough to me” – I take no responsibility if the code taken from this site is used (or misused) in a real world application and proves to not do what you expect it to. It seems daft, but I, like so many other programmers, have seen some truly awful code about the place, and I would like to at least try to help combat this ever growing problem.

The only solution is of course only ever going to be education – give a geek some code and they will phish for a day, teach a geek to write code, and they can make their own net.

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