I’m Stampy, a Security Architect based in Brighton, UK. I also tweet sometimes.

I graduated with a BSc Hons in Secure and Forensic Computing, in 2009. Since then, I’ve worked in several security and software engineering roles, and am now moving into consultancy and freelance work. Check out my LinkedIn profile for more background.

I’d love to work for a small company in Brighton – the problem is, that small businesses don’t need a full-time security person on their team – there’s simply not enough risk to justify hiring someone just for this purpose. Instead, I’m offering my time in small chunks to businesses around the Brighton area, to fulfil the vital role of “Security” that most companies don’t know they need, until it’s too late.

Here’s a short list of services I can provide:

  • Authentication system review, design, architecture
  • Security awareness training and education for all staff
  • Work with senior management to understand the threat landscape
  • Conduct scenario-based risk/cost analysis and threat mitigation
  • Carry out checks on infrastructure and networks
  • Evaluate physical and virtual access points
  • Check policies and procedures
  • Review documentation for artefacts showing secure design
  • Build microservices to fulfil internal security functions
  • Investigate handling of, and access to, sensitive data
  • Design and implement authentication architecture, including 2FA, OAuth, FIDO integration
  • Audit system logs for unusual or suspicious activity
  • Implement IDS and IPS solutions to protect internal systems
  • Work closely with developers and engineers to ensure secure system implementation

One of my services is the design and construction of secure microservices and micro web-apps for internal and external use. I specialise in high-security low-footprint scalable microservices architecture. I’m also experienced in modernising legacy systems, and building complex authentication services.

I built a site called DayLogr, it’s a simple journal/diary tool, used to track personal events.
I also wrote a Progressive Web App password generator called PwGen.
Please check these out via the links below.

KeyBase: https://keybase.io/stampycode
GitHub: https://github.com/stampycode
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StampyCode
LinkedIn: LinkedIn
StackOverflow: StackOverflow

DayLogr: https://daylogr.com
PwGen: https://stampy.me/pwgen

StampyCode Limited is registered in England and Wales #10581613.